Osceola Arts is proud to present ARTisNOW, a Public Murals project. This annual artistic project joins talented local artists and community members through the collaborative process of mural-making to create high-quality public murals. These murals have transformed and revitalized the downtown Kissimmee public spaces adding color, vibrancy, and character. Murals contrast the negative mental effects of concrete and asphalt and can have therapeutic benefits for all those around. ARTisNOW provides a new way of looking at the arts as a powerful force to inspire community dialogue, community development, and celebrate local culture.


“Participation in creative cultural activities helps connect people to each other and the community,” said Osceola Arts’ Visual Arts Director, Marilyn Cortes-Lovato, “It creates opportunities for community dialogue, creative community building, shared cultural experiences, and can improve economic development.”


In 2021, the ARTisNOW Public Murals project will expand beyond downtown Kissimmee to the Vine Street Corridor reinvigorating more of our community.


The Wild Ones

Artist: Steven Teller

Address: 120 Broadway


Toho Sunset

Artist: Willie Soto

Address: 421 Broadway


Bengal Tiger

Artist: Nicole Holderbaum

Address: 106 Broadway


Iron Horse

Artist: Christian Stanley

Address: 16 Broadway


Florida Panther

Artist: Ryan Semple

Address: 420 Broadway


Koi Fish

Artist: Ric.One

Address: 12 E. Darlington


The Burrowing Owl

Artist: German Lemus

Address: 8 Broadway


Snowy Egret

Artist: SLEDS

Address: 108 Broadway

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