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It’s never too late to create! With focused effort, you can see progress very quickly. Osceola Arts fosters that progress in all ages. Offering adult classes and workshops in many different art disciplines. Instructors at the top of their field, inspire students to see the world in new and creative ways.


Whether you are a professional or semiprofessional artist looking to hone your skills or someone who is just starting as a beginner to explore the world of art through a unique artistic journey, Osceola Arts is a place for everyone. With classes to choose from in drawing, painting, pottery, and more.


Classes and workshop sessions available in the morning and evening so they will be able to fit into even the most hectic schedule. Morning and evening classes are available. Pre-registration is required as the workshops and classes fill up extremely fast. Let your creative ideas flourish and sign up at Osceola Arts today!

“The formula of happiness and success is just being actually yourself, in the most vivid possible way you can.”

-Meryl Streep


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Carolyn Davis


Carolyn has been in Florida for 20 years and has enjoyed being an artist in the area.  She was first introduced to clay while studying printmaking at the University of Central Florida.  In 2008, Carolyn completed her Bachelor in Fine Arts with a specialization in ceramics.  Now working out of her studio in Saint Clout, Florida, Carolyn has been exhibiting her work in state and national exhibitions in art fairs throughout the state.  Davis has received numerous awards for her ceramics and prints and her work can be found in both public and private collections.  Carolyn is thrilled to teach ceramic classes and visual arts summer camps Osceola Arts. 

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Louise Hallauer


Louise studied Graphic Design at Wigan Technical college in Northern England.  As a painter, she is completely self-taught.  After finishing college, Louise moved to Rome, Italy where she found her surroundings very conducive to bettering herself as an artist.  Painting for five years in Rome was an experience to never forget.  In 1986 she moved to the United States and worked for The Rank Organization in Pennsylvania as a graphic designer for five years before moving on to work as an art director for a regional magazine.  In 1992 she began her newest adventure relocating to Orlando, Florida.  Louise has had the pleasure of working as an artist within Cafe Tu Tu Tango’s on International Drive since 1996 creating and selling her artwork.  She truly enjoys the interaction with the public and painting in front of a live audience.   Louise has been teaching Adult Drawing and Children's Arts for many years and finds it extremely rewarding to inspire her students.  Since 1996 she has inspired hundreds of students to discover their creative talents, and many have moved on to be award-winning artists themselves.


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