Step into an immersive world of creativity within Osceola Arts. An expression of emotion and feeling deep within one’s heart and mind, art can inspire, educate, and elevate. With three onsite galleries, there is art all around that you can explore anytime. Osceola Arts allows patrons to take a stroll and feed the soul with artistic creations highlighting artists who reside within the Central Florida community. Journey into your imagination as you take in each masterpiece at your leisure.


Exhibits rotate monthly and allow patrons to have the opportunity to continually experience something new. Each exhibition features diverse themes in various mediums so there is something for every art lover. Osceola Arts is connecting our patrons to art in a whole new way. Sizes of the exhibit vary with each new show and display artists which range from solo artists to group collectives.


Art is too important not to share.

-Romero Britto

Tommy Tompkins Art
Osceola Arts
Permanent Collection Art Description
Osceola Arts

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Osceola Arts is promoting, cultivating, and fostering interest and participation in the arts.

Phone: 407.846.6257

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