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Parking & Entrances

All parking is free and open to the patrons at Osceola Arts. We have several Accessible parking spots at both our Main Building and Studio Theater. Our Main Building includes a circular drive to enable patrons to drop-off guests at the entrances. Ramps are accessible through the Art Gallery and Community Room entrances.

Image by Michael Fousert
Image by Max Bender
Ticketing & Seating

Osceola Arts has designated wheelchair seats and companion seating available in both the Main and Studio Theaters. Please call the Box Office with any questions at 407-846-6257.

Ticket orders can be made via our website, in person at our Box Office, or by calling 407- 846-6257. Box Office hours are Tuesdays-Thursdays 10am-5pm and Fridays 12pm-5pm.

All restrooms at Osceola Arts are wheelchair accessible and located in the main lobby, art gallery, and studio building.
For visitors who are hard of hearing

The last Saturday Matinee of every Osceola Arts performance is an American Sign Language interpreted performance. Please call the Box Office for the best seats to view the interpreters.

Assistive Listening Devices are free and available through the Box Office. They may be checked out with a State-Issued ID, which will be returned to the patron when the Device is returned.

Using Sign Language
Person with Crutches
For visitors requiring mobility assistance

A transport chair is available for temporary use for entrance to our venue by request through our Box Office.

All restrooms are wheelchair accessible. There are ramps in each art gallery to assist patrons.

For visitors with vision impairment or low vision

Recently, we have partnered with a local group specializing in Audio Description services; and with our production of Sweet Charity, we have begun a trial run of AD services. We look forward to providing an Audio Described performance with every future run of our season’s shows.

We also look forward to providing Large Print and Braille programs for our performances. Please contact the Box Office for updates and more information as we work towards these goals.

Braille Reading
Osceola Arts welcome service dogs. Please contact the Box Office for assistance with seating options in our theaters that best accommodate patrons and their service dogs.
Image by Alexander Grey
For visitors with sensory sensitivity or photosensitivity

Osceola Arts strives to provide an artistic environment that includes those patrons who may be sensitive to such things as sudden flashes of light, loud noises, or specific story elements. We provide a universal rating on all of our mainstage performances and strive to communicate relevant information in all communications involving our productions.
Please contact the Box Office with any questions regarding specific content or dramatic components used in our productions.


At Osceola Arts, connecting you to creativity is at the core of what we do. Building a diverse, inclusive culture is what ignites our creativity. Everyone is welcome and we are committed to fostering a safe place where you feel included and valued.

Please reach out to our staff with any questions, suggestions, or concerns at or call 407-846-6257


Osceola Arts is located in Kissimmee just off Florida's Turnpike Exit 244 across from the Publix Shopping Center. It is only 25 minutes from Downtown Orlando and the theme park resort areas.

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