Symbols and Myths

Symbols and Myths is an exhibition of artworks created by Central Florida artists Jose Sanchez and Raul Gomez. Jose Sanchez a Puerto Rican native and Raul Gomez born in Cuba, both have strong connections to the Surrealist movement and their Taino/African/Hispanic heritage. Both artists paint narratives rooted in dreams, fantasy, memories, and fragmented identities. In Symbols and Myths, Gomez and Sanchez nostalgic for the ancestral past of their island cultures, pay tribute to poetic origin stories, and the unconscious mind with art pieces that revel in the uncanny.

“De esta Forma Queremos expresar nuestro Arte que nos identifica y nos une desde nuestros antepasados como los Taínos, Españoles y Africanos de esa rica mezcla surgió la gran diversidad de nuestra cultura Artística.

... El Pilar fundamental de la exposición es llegar a transmitir al espectador mediante un lenguaje Poético los Símbolos y los Mitos llenos de coloridos .

Los Matices logrado por una Técnica antigua en el óleo fundamentalmente, sintiendo su Plasticidad en forma expresiva .

Todo llega a interactuar de una manera sutil y sublime que el espectador adquiere su Magia.

... Nuestra Simbología es un código de representación ilimitado que va acompañado en todas nuestras Obras como tendencia Artística, se vale de símbolos para buscar conocimientos itelectivo y la expresión conceptual como forma atractiva y narrativa.

... El Mito se compone como nuestra Historia sagrada que narra los acontecimientos sucedidos en nuestro pasado plasmándolo en los lienzos...

Sin más preámbulos los invito a nuestros mundos de emociones y Magia.”


Raul Gomez & Jose Sanchez


Meet the Artists

Raul Gomez

Raul Gomez was born in Saint Spiritus, Cuba. Passionate about the visual arts, Gomez attended the prestigious San Alejandro Academy of Fine Arts in Havana.   He emigrated to the United States in 1994 to attend art school in  Minneapolis, Minnesota.

​Gomez’s inspiration is based mostly on memories and current experiences wrapped in symbolism, expressing a personal language, a poem, a voice, through visual composition, surrealism, and colors. He is influenced by the works of The Great Masters such as Bosco, Goya, Leonardo da Vince, and Leonora Carrington.

“Creating art is like breathing, it is a release of emotions, it is transmitting a language through colors and textures.” Raul Gomez currently lives and creates art in Lake Mary, Florida.

Instagram: @raulgomez15

Jose Sanchez

Jose Sanchez was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico in 1957. He is a self-taught artist, influenced by his artistic brother and his personal connection to the Borinquen culture. As a teenager, Jose participated in local art shows in towns like Carolina and San Juan. In 1988 Jose relocated to Central Florida, working in construction to provide for his family. He is now retired and dedicates his time to painting. His artworks today are displayed in different galleries and art centers in throughout Central Florida


“My source of inspiration resides in my surroundings. When I paint, I take situations, events, and personal experiences and combine them with images that I borrow from the media. My artworks resemble the cultural traces that identify me. I try to understand my existence by exploring the secret that lies behind iconic characters of the collective consciousness.


 In this joint exhibition, with Raul Gomez, we carry a message of union between two surrealists from the Caribbean. We want to praise our roots and customs. It is an honor to share our work with the public.”


 Facebook  JoseSanchez

 Instagram @galeriasanchez

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