Works by Alejandro Selmi
April 11 - June 5, 2022

Venezuelan artist Alejandro Selmi has lived 22 years of his life in Orlando, Florida. During his upbringing in his native country, he developed a love for the fine arts. Because of this, he completed a bachelor's degree in fine art at the Caracca's Art School in Venezuela. Aside from being an artist, Selmi has had an extensive career as an underwater archeologist and draftsperson. He balances both his creative and science careers while participating in art exhibitions in Venezuela and Florida. Most importantly, he found his signature technique and has mastered it in the last 6 years of his career by giving discarded materials a new purpose.


The core of Selmi's work is based on the fact that humans began to cause environmental damage to the planet in the Mid- Eighteenth century. Humanity began a destructive metamorphosis during the industrial revolution. The harmful procedures that have taken place since this era have caused an imbalance in the ecosystem with different forms of pollution. The catastrophic effect of the human ecological footprint has poisoned the sea, the air, and the land.  Today we are suffering the repercussions of our actions. The sign can be seen through the dramatic changes that our climate has manifested in the last couple of decades. In great part, this is due to the accumulation of waste materials; some are recycled while others are stored awaiting a solution.


Alejandro Selmi’s artworks are a form of protest. The viewer can see the metamorphosis that he creates with materials that are discarded and transformed into beautiful works of art. Selmi finds these materials in a diverse variety of places. After he collects them, he then proceeds to combine them depending on the colors, shapes, textures, lights, and shadows. The artist hopes that the viewer will take the time to search for the meaning of each piece with vivid curiosity.


Many artists create art utilizing recycled content, but Selmi has developed a technique for reversing contamination in the repurposed materials he uses in his art. Because of this, Alejandro welcomes you to enjoy his latest exhibition: Metamorphosis.

For more information on works by Alejandro Selmi go to, on Instagram: @alejandroselmiart, Facebook: Alejandro Selmi Art