Embajadores del Arte / Ambassadors of the Arts

Embajadores del Arte Oficial / Ambassadors of the Arts is a collective of Hispanic artists gathered around a shared ideology and common goal of promoting peace and love through the arts. HISPANIC DNA is an exhibition of artworks created by group members that will be on display from September 7 through November 5th.

Free art reception on Saturday, September 18 from 2-5 pm. For more information on Embajadores del Arte go to https://www.embajadoresdelarte.com/ or contact marilyn@osceolaarts.org.

Embajadores del Arte (Ambassadors of the Arts) came to be as a culmination of several artist groups that Maria  Elena Elvira (Manena) founded. She started a group in Miami, then one in Bogota,  Colombia, another in Medellin. Artists from other locations wanted to join and  Embajadores del Arte was created with the fusion of all these artists together. The group was formed in 2012. Currently, we have artists, photographers, illustrators, and sculptors from 10 different countries active in our ranks. 

An Embajador del Arte (Art Ambassador) is a person who with their artistic knowledge is able to transmit tranquility, peace, and much love for other human beings.  It is the artist who with their colors exalts the name of their country, offering everywhere they go, their talent and human warmth. It is an artist who has the ability to group and share with other artists or with a community. 


We are a group of Artists who coincide in Arts and social causes through the creation,  production, dissemination, diffusion, divulgation, promotion, research, and experimentation of the artistic and social facts, in constant exchange with other groups and with our public to shape an artistic work of our own and thus contribute to the consolidation of full citizenship, progress, and social cohesion. 


To be a point of reference for other artists who want to join, where those interested in culture for the management, promotion, and replication of a sustainable model,  autonomous, and with broad social vision recognized nationally and internationally. 


Imagination, peace, love, integration, professionalism, organization, and discipline in our creations to share with our public. Respect for the Rights of the Human Being. Constant work with the communities in favor of Culture, Education, and Social Development.