Gisela Romero is interested in the laws and mysteries of nature and its connection to humankind. Her drawings are based on the observation of earthly forms, the marks that people make on the world, and the interpretation of the principles that order the cosmos. She is inspired by the beauty of shapes in nature, natural and fabricated patterns, and brain network configurations, creating a unique and personal visual vocabulary.

A garden is a very important and appreciated place. It is a space to escape to, either at home or in a public setting. It is a place to contemplate or to plant an orchard or enjoy the sounds that inhabit it. 

A garden is a parenthesis, that place to sit, set aside and stop time, smell a flower, feel the present, and breathe deeply.

There are many kinds of gardens and the word GARDEN has been used many times in novels, movies, works of art, places like a “Jardín de Infancia” where children laugh and jump and shout. 

Gardens range from private gardens with herbs on an apartment terrace and central gardens of a house. Public gardens open onto public roads and large city parks that serve as a break from daily life, away from the noises of city hustle and bustle.

There are gardens where people who do not know each other, share a natural space together. There are other gardens where pets play and lovers reveal their mutual feelings.

There are also gardens that are labyrinths, spaces where it is easy to enter, and difficult to leave.

There are spiritual gardens, those that are built for meditating and praising nature. There are vertical gardens, scented green walls that serve to calm the voracious motion of contemporary life. 

A garden is a special place where we place our various emotions and share with nature, time, and space, apart from daily life. It is a place to stop, and look up at the sky to observe that a bird flies fast to catch up with its distant flock."


- Gisela Romero


Meet the Artist

Gisela Romero

Gisela Romero (b. Venezuela, 1960, resides in Orlando, FL) works across mediums with drawing, printmaking, photography, and Art in Public Spaces.


Some solo shows include those at Besharat Gallery in Atlanta, Chacao Cultural Center - LA CAJA open spaces, Caracas, Artepuy Gallery, Caracas, Moro Gallery, Maracaibo, French Alliance Gallery, Caracas, 39 Gallery, Caracas and Studio Soto in Boston.


Gisela Romero’s work has been exhibited in Venezuela and abroad and in over 200 group shows including those at the Alejandro Otero Visual Arts Museum, Caracas, Museum of Contemporary Art Sofía Imber, Caracas, Cruz Diez Museum of Graphic Arts, Caracas, also at several International Art Fairs as PINTA in NYC, ARCO and ESTAMPA in Madrid, FIA in Caracas and at many Galleries, Cultural Art Centers and public spaces. Her works are in public and private collections.

Romero’s work has been reviewed in Arte al Día, El Nacional, El Universal, Diario de Caracas, and Tal Cual among others Venezuelan newspapers, The Atlantic, ArtNexus, several internet art pages, and many art catalogs.

Her book of poems and images was published in 2005 by the Memorias de Altagracia editorial. 


Galleries in Venezuela and the United States represent the artist. 


Facebook: gisela.romero.9081

Romero is a member of AVAP, the Venezuelan Association of Visual Artists, and a member of TAGA, the Graphic Artists Association of Venezuela, since 1995.

Since 1998, Romero works as a volunteer at Fundación Acción Solidaria (Foundation working with HIV / AIDS) and since 2018 she has been a volunteer at Encore at Avalon Park Assisted Living and Memory Care Community. Gisela Romero was recognized with a 1990 Fine Arts Fellowship from the Organization of American State and since 1993 she has been invited as a teacher to give Experimental Graphics and Creative Writing classes at universities Art Departments, Museums, Art Schools and Cultural Centers such as José María Vargas University, University Institute of Advanced Studies of Fine Arts Armando Reverón, Museum of Design Carlos Cruz Diez and Simón Bolívar University, Caracas