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Tue, Mar 09


Kissimmee City Hall

Art in Public Places at Kissimmee City Hall

Kissimmee City Hall celebrates Women's History Month with an art exhibition of work created by 5 local artists.

Art in Public Places at Kissimmee City Hall
Art in Public Places at Kissimmee City Hall

Time & Location

Mar 09, 2021, 9:00 AM – Apr 30, 2021, 5:00 PM

Kissimmee City Hall, 101 Church St, Kissimmee, FL 34741, USA

About the Event

Osceola Arts - Art in Public Places celebrates Women's History Month at Kissimmee City Hall with five talented Central Florida artists. Ebonie Carter, Carolyn Hutchins, Glaucia Mir, Bella Miranda, and Alex Moonsang exhibit work on all floors March 9 through April 30.


Ebonie Carter

Ebonie Carter, has been honing her skills as a painter since 2001. Ebonie is fascinated with the psychology behind art, and the human desire to explore the self through art and form.  The images and subject matter at its most basic level are self-portraits. You may ask how can a West African Gourd, an Ethiopian Water Vessel, a Kintsugi Bowl, and the human figure, all be self-portraits? The answer, according to Ebonie, is that they are all vessels. The vessels depicted in her work are a representation of thecentral motif that defines the very nature of individual being: Self. As an archetype, the vessel resounds at every level of our being. At its most basic level, it contains us, holds us, and carries us where we want to go. Our bodies are vessels that contain the essence of being, Source, and life. The cells in our bodies at its most basic form are vessels; they are the template of our psychological concept of self and our relationship with the world, arising in our dreams, on the walls of ancient cave dwellings, and in the very images of creative thought. The Vessel archetype is central to our sense of “self” as it may be, and the manifestation of such thought into reality, into being. Every single thing in our world had its origins in thought,in imagination, and creation into being. A painting is not an exception to this universal principle: All of life emerges from no-thing to some-thing, fromvibration, to thought, to concrete reality. Her works are an investigation into representations of self, being, thought,and reality, as well as depictions and ideas that can only be realized in painting. Ebonie Carter currently lives and works in Melbourne Florida.

Glaucia Mir  Mapping Vulnerability: Intersections - mixed media on paper

I wished to depict a variety of intersections I cross in my everyday routines.  The artwork was created from observations made around Kissimmee, FL.  There were a total of 18 final works, originally created to be displayed together, though each can stand alone. The pieces on display represent an array of these works.

Each of the  18"x24" works were made in layers.  First, each was an ink wash drawing.  The second layer in oranges consists of one or more materials, such as markers, acrylic and tempera paints, colored inks, and crayons, made through a variety of mark-making methods.

This project centers around homelessness, where I wish to advocate as an artist/researcher/teacher through A/R/Tography, recording the locations, movements, and interactions of the homeless populations in our community, making them visible through artmaking and public exhibition.  Through mapping, I documented places of homelessness and the many locations where I saw the homeless in this community. I examined these places as portraiture through observation, photography, note-taking, and created works of art referencing the spaces occupied by those perceived as vulnerable.  Through art-making, I also explored ways in which artmaking can create a bridge between the artist and the homeless and the community at large. I hope to create a place to begin a dialogue centering around homelessness.

Carolyn Hutchins

Central Florida photographer Carolyn Hutchins is passionate about art, conservation, adventure, and science.  Starting out with a hand-me-down 35mm film camera, and a few high school darkroom classes, she developed a love for the art.

Carolyn works full-time at Gatorland, one of Florida’s oldest and well-loved attractions, and through her time there has photographed many of their subjects.  From the small and large, to those with scales and those with fur, and even a few people. Reflecting her love of the outdoors, most of her work is based on landscapes and nature.  Beach landscapes being among her favorite subjects.

Bella Miranda

Bella Miranda is a freelance artist based in Kissimmee, Florida. She is currently expanding her knowledge professionally as a Film major with a minor in Mass Communications at the University of Central Florida. Always interested in the world of art and m edia, Bella began sketching, drawing, and creating from a young age. She got her first real push into the world of photography in December 2014 when she received her first DSLR camera.From then on, she became devoted to perfecting her craft as a photographer, seeing it as a form of art and self-expression. She became a self-taught freelance photographer in the year 2016 after a couple of years of practice and training. Shespecializes in portrait, product, street, event, and lifestyle photography. Editing is a vi tal tool she uses to elevate her distinct style. She values the work she produces because it allows others to see the world from her eyes. Bella is also passionate about traveling, creatively collaborating with others, and furthering her knowledge to work by using other creative mediums, such as filmmaking and digital media design.

Alex Moonsang

Alex Moonsang is a Thai artist and graphic designer from Daytona Beach, Florida. She paints with watercolors to depict powerful and celestial bodies.

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