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Ancestral Memory: Works by Edmundo Lopez
September 6 - November 3

Osceola Arts presents Ancestral Memory: Works by Edmundo Lopez on display from September 6 through November 3 in the Community Gallery. A free meet-the-artist reception will be held on Saturday, September 16 from 2 pm to 5 pm. 

Central Florida artist Edmundo Lopez is a sculptor known for his ceramic and mixed media artworks. His sculptures are groupings of diverse forms, including plants, animals, fish, and stylized human figures.

Lopez's artistic style is influenced by his Caribbean heritage. The region's multiracial culture, which blends African, Hispanic, and Caucasian influences, plays a significant role in shaping his imagery. Indigenous folklore beliefs add cultural richness and storytelling to his work. Lopez's sculptures frequently suggest socio-political critiques, offering commentary on various aspects of society. These narratives explore issues such as power dynamics, inequality, identity, and social justice.


By combining elements of nature, human figures, and symbolic imagery, Lopez creates visually striking sculptures that invite viewers to contemplate the complex relationships between individuals, cultures, and social structures. His work serves as a platform for dialogue and reflection on important societal issues, challenging viewers to consider the deeper meanings and messages conveyed through his art.

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