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The Divine Heart
Elisabeth Thorington
November 10 - December 10

Elisabeth Thorington grew up in Southern California and was artistic from an early age. It wasn't until 2016 that she began making pencil and charcoal drawings in earnest, and submitting them for Gallery shows around Orlando. Over time, her personal style emerged and has evolved from pencil drawings to oil paintings. Through the generosity of esteemed friends and peers, she learned the inner workings of oil paint and fell in love with the process.

Elisabeth enjoys exploring the darker, more complex worlds that exist in most of us; the feelings of melancholy and struggle, the tears that come with bittersweet happiness, the heaviness, and the responsibility of the human condition. A repeated motif is a human heart, often in conjunction with the ocean, representing the murky depths our feelings can often take. The Divine Heart: Works by Elisabeth Thorington on display in the Studio Gallery from November 10 through December 10. For more information contact or Elisabeth Thorington at, FB Elisabeth's Heart Artwork, IG @elisabeth.rose.tea.