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Alberto Gomez
The Tie That Binds
El Lazo Que Une

September 1 - November 6

Alberto Gomez is a humble observer with an artistic vision that is rooted in his native Colombia. “I consider my work to be categorized as magical realism in the visual sense similar to the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende. This style is a tradition in my Latin American homeland. My work depicts the combination of daily life and fantasy together in the story. I consider my technique to mirror that of the poet using symbols, and a sense of place with the people presented in my art. My inspiration comes from my love of people. I seek to portray the human story.” A. Gomez

To see more works by Alberto Gomez to  https://www.albertogomez.art/

Woodcuts, etchings, and paintings by Alberto Gomez are on display in the Community Gallery at Osceola Arts from September 1 through November 7.

A free art reception is open to the public on Saturday, September 17 from 2-5 pm.

Osceola Arts exhibits are always free and open to the public.

For more information contact marilyn@osceolaarts.org